Welcome to PoniPoniPoni!

  • Love and Tolerate.
  • No racist, guro, or porn sprays.
  • Smexy sprays are fine.
  • No racism or homophobic language.
  • No personal attacks or harassment.
  • Obey Admins.
  • Don't be a dick/parasprite.
  • Don't advertise other groups.
  • Don't link other gameservers.
  • Don't discuss inappropriate stuff.
  • Don't use any hacks or exploits.
  • Don't flood voice or text chat.
    • Don't abuse spawn protection or block access to safe areas.
    • Don't complain about getting killed, use /poni or safe zones.
    • View all rules: discussion board
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Sandbox cp_steel 0/32
Poni Fortress arena_well 0/32
MvM Hero mvm_area_52_rc3_po 0/8

Discord Server: Voice: 0 | Active: 62 | Away: 38
Group Page: Our group, you should join!
General Help: Rules, commands, and basic help.
Sandbox Help: Hotkeys and tips for building stuff.
Server Info: Information about each of our servers.
Spray Rules: What's appropriate and what's not.
Donation Info: How to donate, perks, etc.
Group Voting: Music votes and other server stuff.
Sourcebans: View or protest bans here.
  • /poni - Become a peaceful pony
  • /mm - Equip a custom model
  • /helpmenu - Open a menu listing useful commands
  • /admins <message> - Message all online admins
Donations! Unknown Community ID

Your STEAM ID could not be automatically detected. Please include your profile link as a note when making a donation. Any amount is greatly appreciated ($8 minimum)
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If you experience problems donating, or can not use PayPal, use our host's DirectPay system.

You should be added a few hours of donating, contact Friagram for help. Your personal information is kept private and used for record keeping purposes only.

Donor status: rewarded for one year when you contribute 8$ USD or more.
Grants access to colored chat, basic perks to customize projectiles, pets, robot models & sounds, head size, voice pitch, item colors, kill/death effects, item particle effects, and other fun stuff.
VIP status: Rewarded for one year when you contribute 30$ USD or more.
'Donor' perks, reserved slot & reserve kick immunity, chat tags, full perks along with advanced item settings, footprints, trails, wings/tails, and other assorted goodies.

Donations go toward funding our servers, content development, and community services. Note that changes to the game engine, dependent plugins, and other events may change the availability or functionality of some features. Donations are non-transferable and non-refundable. Although we work to constantly add and provide reward services for donors, donations are gifts and not exchanges of value in expectation for service of any kind.